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Links to Resources and Partners

Nordic House Spa 

Miechelle Hwang, CMT, CLDT

Oncology Massage and CDT

Roseville Disc and Pain Center

Herniated Disc and Pain Specialist

Functional Nutritional Testing

Kristin Kozlowski, LMFT

Cancer Support

Restoring Hope & Strength

Dr. Niki Young, ND

Science-based natural medicine for 

cancer patients and survivors

Jungle and Grace Massage Studio

Post Op Lymphatic Massage

Dr. Heather Flexer, DPT

Online Wound Care Consultations

Sierra Thermography Center

Providing women with compassionate, responsive, and caring service

Plastic Surgery Recovery Handbook

Plastic Surgery Recovery Classes For Patients

Wellness Within

Enhancing the Quality of Life 

for Those Affected by Cancer

Greet The Day

Improving Quality of Life for People Affected by 

Cancer Through Education and Integrative Oncology Care

Society For Oncology Massage

Oncology Massage Resources for 

Therapists and Patients

Breath and Stretch

Edna Campbell,

Breast Cancer Recovery Coach

Breast Health Project

Preventative Oriented, Integrative Solutions

Breast Health Resource

Klose Training

MLD and CDT-LANA Certification

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